Aether 2 Mod – Players will see the dark side of Nether and dangerous place because of the number of deadly enemies which are just waiting for a chance to catch players. On the other hand, a part of the normal world as well as the End and the Nether may be the only value zone that players should explore in the mod. Beside that, there was a whole new zone and because of the lack of a better word, the zone is like Heaven.

Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft

Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft p 1

Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft p 2

Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft p 3

Installation Guide for Aether 2 Mod:

  1. Download and install Forge, Render Player API into your minecraft.jar.
    type %appdata% and hit enter.
  2. When inside the Roaming folder
  3. Then go inside the .minecraft folder.
  4. From there, go to the bin folder and open minecraft.jar file with WinRAR.
  5. Open your Minecraft.jar with a program.
  6. Remove the META-INF folder.
  7. Put the files from Forge, Player API and Player Render into your minecraft.jar file.
  8. Go back to the .minecraft folder. If there isn’t a mods folder, please create one.
  9. Get the file to put inside the mods folder.
  10. Enjoy it!

Changelogs in Aether 2 Mod:

  • Fixed a crash with Swetty Balls.
  • Added 16 new “Official” servers. Should be way more stable.

Link download Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.6.4