… a.k.a ‘How To Train Your Dragon/Chicken/Cow/Spider/etc’ (I was gonna say ‘ride’ but that sounds much too wrong on so many levels). But seriously, Animal Bikes Mod grants an entirely new way to mount your animals. Hint: bikers will love it.

Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 1

The mod adds a ton of cool animals that you can ride or fly around. But that is definitely not the ‘entire new way’ I was talking about earlier. What I’m trying to say is you won’t be riding them with saddles, but with tools crafted from the workbench. These items can be used multiple times before breaking, creating a new bike each time you use it.

Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 2

Yep, I said it. BIKES. That’s how you will ride these creatures. As a matter of fact, these ‘bikes’ are a hell lot faster than the mounts you normally have in Minecraft. Another fun thing is the variety of bikes: you have around 25 different animal bikes to choose from, from rabbit to the notorious Ender Dragon. Well, actually not all of them are animals, as there is also a Flower Bike available for plant lovers out there.

 Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 3

Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 4

Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 5

But the coolest thing is that some of these bikes have special abilities. For instance, the Cow Bike can jump two blocks high, Spider Bikes can crawl walls and etc. But don’t forget, falling down can cost you the bike and maybe your life (but I bet you already knew that).


1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed.
2. Download the mod using the link below.
3. Copy + Paste the mod file into your Mods directory.
4. Launch and #profit.

Source: Noppes | Minecraft Forum

Link download Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10