Before we start, I have to tell you something: ALWAYS install this mod using Minecraft Forge, otherwise it won’t work properly, as several items will not display the way they should, not to mention the chance that Minecraft would crash. So always get the latest version of Forge and the latest version of the mod, both of which are fairly easy to find online. Alright! Enough ranting! Let me introduce you Balkon’s Weapon Mod.

Balkon Weaponmod for Minecraft 1

This is a freaking cool mod, because it adds several weapons of all shapes and sizes at your disposal: melee stuffs, throwable stuffs, explosive stuffs… and many more. You will be granted a hundred ways to kill creatures and unfriendly mobs, from chopping them off with a halberd to actually blowing them up with a cannon. You are even granted training dummies (and hopefully mokujins as well) useful for testing and practicing your weapons. Better yet, all these items come with their own textures.

Balkon Weaponmod for Minecraft 2

Balkon Weaponmod for Minecraft 3

If all those facts above are not good enough, I have more good news for you, especially those who are weapon nerds/explosiveheads: one of the weapons you can lay hands on to is *clears throat* THE CANNON.

Balkon Weaponmod for Minecraft 4

You can build it and carry it around. Do note that the cannon needs to be placed on the ground to function. But once it’s in position, you can mount it and pulverize enemies from a ridiculously long range with tremendous damage. Another reminder: the cannon requires cannonballs and gun powder, so it will be more costly to use than other weapons. But trust me, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Well, no more talking. Let’s install the mod (don’t forget Forge, or should I say don FORGEt it) and enjoy violence in the most blocky way ever!!!!!


1. Install the latest version of Forge.
2. Download the mod for your version of Minecraft using one of the links below.
3. Copy + Paste the .jar file into your Mods Directory.
4. Profit.

Credit: Balkondeur Alpha | Minecraft Forum

Link download Balkon’s Weapon Mod for MineCraft 1.7.10/1.7.2