Better Bedrock Mod is easy to determine out. It changes the actual spawning routines which associated with bedrock. Better Bedrock Mod is great because you will be attracted to excavating towards base in the globe to create a home and it will support players to have some good bedrock surfaces after they make it. Furthermore, this mod will give you a nice, flat work surface you’ve ever seen.

Better Bedrock Mod for Minecraft

Better Bedrock Mod for Minecraft p1

Changelogs of Better Bedrock Mod:

  • Only Smooth Bedrock , no retrogen, no command and no dimension support.
  • Reworked : Mod Direction Twilight Forest, GalactiCraft and MineDonalds.

Installation Steps of Better Bedrock Mod:

  1. Download the installer for the mod.
  2. Open the installer and select profile.
  3. Click on “install” button.
  4. Follow these steps in installer.
  5. Enjoy it!

Link download Better Bedrock Mod for Minecraft 1.8