Crafting Dead, it sounds much like Walking Dead, doesn’t it? Yeah indeed. Inspired by the story about a zombie apocalypse, Crafting Dead Mod will turn your Minecraft world into a desolate zombie land with abandoned buildings, stinking dead bodies walking around and you – the heros. With Crafting Dead Mod, you and your friends could team up and make an awesome zombie killer squad. The mod adds tons of new items including guns, melee weapons, ammo, food, backpacks, cool clothings and a lot more.



Unlike vanilla Minecraft, Crafting Dead Mod provides plenty of different kinds of zombie, with various new appearances and features. Some are fast, some are strong. Each kind may have different health, so be careful and pay attention to have better weapon choice while battling. And when it comes down to how to kill these bloody monsters, a huge arsenal of weapons is waiting for you to discover, ranging from stuff like AK-47, MP5, Glock 21 to melee weapons such as chainsaw, bowie knife, samurai sword, sledgehammer, etc. For the guns, we also have different ammo for each type and attached accessories like suppressor, ACOG and 6x scope. All these things has indeed taken the Minecraft gameplay to a whole new level!




A friendly reminder, in Crafting Dead Mod, you are literally in a war. It means you can die of anything, including hunger, thirst, bleeding, etc. So be well-prepared and fill your inventory with food, drinks, medical items and such things. Well, do everything to survive! As you may not know, a newer version of Crafting Dead is in development and it’s called Crafting Dead Aftermath. There will be a lot of new features, new items or even many things that make the mod completely different from the old version.

Crafting Dead Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 Changelogs:

– Removed ‘Multi-Part’ Clothing System
– Added ‘Packaged’ Clothing System

– Added Concrete Base Parts
– Added Mossberg Shotgun
– Added Slug Rounds
– Added Wire Cutters
– Added Flame-thrower Model
– Added Crossbow
– Added Crossbow Bolt
– Added AWP Dragon Paint
– Added Ammo Bag (9 Slot)
– Added Juggernaut Helmet
– Added SAS Clothing
– Added Pilot Clothing

– Edited Juggernaut Slowness
– Edited AWP Fire Rate

– Fixed Base Break Glitch
– Fixed AWP Magazine Render
– Fixed Supply Drop Despawning When Chunk Is Not Active
– Fixed Op’s Bypassing Base

How to install Crafting Dead Mod?

  • For 1.5.2:


1. Download Forge 1.5.2
2. Make a new minecraft profile with version 1.5.2
3. Open up the version folder located ./minecraft/versions
4. Copy the 1.5.2 version we just made.
5. Rename the folder cdc, go ito the folder and rename the jar and folder inside to cdc.
6. Open up the JSON file, rename “1.5.2” to “cdc”.
7. Open forge and drag all the folders/files into the cdc jar we just made.
8. Open the BETA ZIP and drag all the file/folders in the jar folder into the cdc jar we just made.
9. Done, just run it and create a new profile. Use version cdc!


1. Download Forge 1.5.2 also
2. Download 1.5.2 server jar
3. Place all the files/folders from the forge ZIP into the jar
4. Open the CDCure ZIP, Open the jars folder.
5. Drag all the files/folders from the jar folder int the server jar.
6. Run server


1. Make sure you have the technic launcher.
2. Go to the site found on the forums.
3. Copy the URL on the site
4. Add a new modpack and paste the URL done!

  • For 1.6.4:

1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge 1.6.4
2. Download The Latest Version of Aftermath
3. Place it in the ‘Mods’ folder located in your ‘roaming/.minecraft’
(%appdata% to locate ‘roaming’)
4. Create a new Minecraft profile with Forge 1.6.4 and run

Server Kit:

A Server Kit comes with the necessary libraries and cauldron jar required to run the mod. You do not have to download this every time you want to update your server. (To update your server, just download the and place it in the mods folder in replace of the old version)

Credit: f3rullo14 – Original thread on

Link download Crafting Dead Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2