There’s one thing about weapons, armors and tools in Minecraft: they’re in some ways realistic as fuck. And by ‘realistic’ I mean they do fucking wear out just like everything else in this horrible life. Minecraft itself has ways to make such items last longer, but they’re not really helping since they cost too much time, resource and effort. Well worry no more, because the Extended Workbench Mod is here to save the day.

Extended Workbench Mod for Minecraft 1

The mod simply makes changes the crafting system. Now, instead of a standard 3×3 crafting table, you’ll have a limited edition 3×6 one which looks kinda like…

Extended Workbench Mod for Minecraft 2

…this. Not too important. Or is it?… Hell yes it is. This Extended Workbench is definitely one of the greatest inventions since Minecraft, because it helps you craft old items with new recipes. The new recipes cost more materials, which is kind of a down side. However, they’re like the ‘extended’ versions of the old items you’ve always known.

Extended Workbench Mod for Minecraft 3

Tools are more durable and operate at faster rate, and if it’s a sword, it comes with greater damage. Extended hoes make prepped dirt take longer time to turn into normal dirt. Armors also last longer; and they provide even more defense. Wait no more, install the mod and enjoy the extended toolkit and accessories!!!!

Kind reminder: the mod doesn’t work well with mods that add new armors and weapons to the game (e.g Too Many Items Mod ) due to some compatibility problems.


1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge API on your PC.
2. Download the mod using one of the links below.
3. Copy + Paste the mod file into you Mods directory.
4. Profit.


For Minecraft 1.8: Extended Workbench v1.3 beta for MC 1.8
For Minecraft 1.7.10: Extended Workbench v1.2.1.1 for MC 1.7.10

Source: Naruto1310 | Minecraft Forum

Link download Extended Workbench Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10