Floodgate Mod block can be used as a floodgate, allowing water and lava falls toggleable, or is a trapdoor. When you put the floodgate control block, it will put a gate in front of the control block in the direction you are facing. Redstone pressure will remove the gate. You must use the blocks to open the control interface that you can set to support the blocks that will replace the port looks.

Floodgate Mod for Minecraft p1

The Floodgate Mod is used to open or close a path for water to flow in. It can be used with lava and the same results will be made.

Floodgate Mod for Minecraft p2

The Floodgate Mod is useful for creating realistic waves and increase the processing speed faster. Because it does not change any base block, it will work well with most other mods.

Link download Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2