If you’re finding an new loader, you have to check LiteLoader Mod out. This mod can co-exist side by side and support Forge, so you can use both flatform to function if you need it to. With this LiteLoader Mod, you will no longer worry about installation of API which sometime more heavier than the mod itself and that is the most nonsense way to use it.

Minecraft (1)

Reconsider, if you’re a fan of Mincecraft Forge, you want to add some new block, some more item, and some more mechanic in the gameplay, then you just stick with that. But if you’re looking for something like mini map on the screen, an IRC window while playing, or something else, this is the right thing for you.

It’s a CascadedTweaks :

What is CascadedTweaks? It’s a special command-line sent to the game which a Tweaker recognize and try to load the other Tweaker thus specified, because you usually can be alowed to launch only on Tweaker at a time. With CascadedTweaks , that is no longer a problem. But you also have to install relevant other mod, to cascaded Minecraft Forge you have to install their own installer first.

to download every version click the link below:

LiteLoader Mod


much thanks to Minecraft-review.com and Minecraft-mod.com

Link download LiteLoader Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10/1.9.4