You are a food lover and you have desired a real restaurant which offers players a host of new food items to enjoy? Then, welcome guys to our Minecraft restaurant called “Lots of Food Mod”. This mod not only provides apples, cake, cookies, fish, melon, meat in standard vanilla but also offers players tons of new food items and ingredients to enjoy comfortably. Be careful, however, as some of them have side effects on the players. Players may get burned when eating peppers if they don’t do so in water or under the rain, for example, or you will get a random potion effect for about five seconds upon consuming candy.



Two new items are added into this mod are chocolate and caramel, which can be crafted into blocks. You just need to craft a table window and fill it with chocolate and caramel. Besides, sugar is certainly a major ingredient to make many kinds of new foods, these three food blocks are useful if you want to craft fences or stairs of different types. Remember that you can’t retrieve food items once this is done. So it’s also a nice choice for those who want to practice their culinary skills, isn’t it?



Lots of Food Mod introduces a variety of new food items as well as ingredients, so players can easily make more dishes such as pizza, soup or sushi. Keep calm and install Lots of Food Mod right now to enjoy amazing cuisine experience and boost your culinary talents as well!

How to install Lots of Food Mod?

  1. Use the installer to install Forge client
  2. Put the mod’s jar in .minecraft/mods
  3. Launch your Minecraft using the profile “Forge”

Credit: pifou92000 – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

Link download Lots of Food Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10