Lucky Block Blue Mod is pretty much the same as its golden version Lucky Block. The only new thing about this mod is that you will be granted access to a new block: Lucky Block Blue (duh).

Lucky Block Blue Mod for Minecraft 1

Lucky Block Blue Mod for Minecraft 2

Yes. The Lucky Block Blue is an upgraded version of the old Lucky Block, and the color is not the only thing that changes. Break the block using a pickaxe, and a random drop will appear, this time with new drops including items and spawns!!!

Lucky Block Blue Mod for Minecraft 3

Lucky Block Blue Mod for Minecraft 4

Do remember that what will be dropped might hurt you. Badly. For example, if an Ender Dragon is spawned, you will most likely find yourself in a shitload of troubles. So, before you break the block, consider backing up your Minecraft world.


– Several bugs fixed.
– New textures and updates to the block made.
– 4 new spawns added.
– Customizable and LBB skins added.


1. Download and install PlayerInDistress’s Lucky Block Mod.
2. Download this mod using the link below.
3. Delete the config of Lucky Block Mod from your /config folder.
4. Copy and Replace lucky_block and lucky_block_flipped in the Lucky Block.jar
5. Open archive with 7zip then assets/lucky/textures
6. Copy and Replace LuckyBlockProperties.txt in mods/lucky/files and in your .minecraft in/config/lucky

Credit: Paulyaulk | PlanetMinecraft

Link download Lucky Block Blue Mod for Minecraft 1.8