MCAnimator Tool is a another creator studio for you, it’s allow you to make your own mob design.MCAnimator

You will start with an huge empty grid, so youcan create your model with every size, from little as a rabbit to an massive large size as an dragon. MCAniminator Tool also allow you make your mob and work out their animation in a single program. It’s make your creation more quickly and so simple to work with. And according to every info we took and through the experience, you will find it is easy to coloring, texturing and other effects.

mcanimator 3

MCAnimator Tool was desinged for Java, which is compatible for Minecraft. For comparison, MCAnimator Tool is much better than Techne, which is a popular mob creator for Minecraft.

mcanimator 2

If you are an creative person and love to design your own mob, then MCAnimator Tool will be perfect for you, check it out with the link below, enjoy.

Download with the link below.

MCAnimator Tool beta 1.1 for window


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Link download MCAnimator Tool for Minecraft