MCSkin3D Tool is a Minecraft program that you can use to make skins for your Steve. It’s probably the easiest way to create customer skins in Minecraft. MCSkin3D has an amazing editing tool sets. These tools allow you to customize your character in every way. You can zoom in and out, spin the character in 360o around, color and modify it in every single aspect.


What distinguishes MCSkin3D from the other editing tools is that it allows you to make skins on 2D or 3D view or both at the same time. With this extremely cool feature, you can now see where you are painting and have an idea of what you’re doing, making editing skins way more easier.




Having a very powerful skin manager within, the program can hold all your skins in one convenient place and let you organize them, put your skins into folders and save them for later use. All you have to do is to create texture packs, give names, then drag and drop skins to places you want.

MCSkin3D is really straightforward and easy to learn, so don’t be discouraged if you are not so good at using softwares like Photoshop and such. Knowing how to use the basic Window Paint program is good enough. Thus, don’t hesitate to download the tool, make great skins of your own and have fun!

MCSkin3D Tool for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8 Changelogs

  • 1.8 skin format support
  • Various small fixes
  • Fixed a major memory leak
  • Fixed many crashes
  • Added an orientation indicator (non-customizable right now)
  • Techne support is still a bit iffy but better

How to download MCSkin3D Tool?

  • Download MCSkin3D
  • Download and install .NET Framework v3.5
  • Extract with Winrar or 7zip
  • Run MCSkin3D.exe
  • Done

Download links:

Dependencies: .NET Framework version 4

MCSkin3D Tool for Minecraft

(this mod works with every version of Minecraft, as it doesn’t really get installed to the game)



Link download MCSkin3D Tool for Minecraft