To describe this mod in one sentence, it would only be “when the realism meets Minecraft!”. Yes. MrMeep_x3’s Shaders Mod is an absolutely fanstatic mod. As it adds more lighting and shadow effects, everything in Minecraft looks way more realistic and beautiful.


Normally Minecraft shadow is pretty basic and plain, but with MrMeep_x3’s Shaders, the Minecraft world become more elaborate, realistic and a little bit cinematic.

Since the mod grants players a high level of customization, you can freely change the color of light and shadow (colors provided include yellow, orange, red, etc). Even more amazing, the mod adds reflection, wavy water flow, wavy leaves, wavy grass and a lot more things to make Minecraft world become more realistic and marvellous than it has ever been.


In a nutshell, MrMeep_x3’s Shaders is really an awesome mod to have in your Minecraft mods folder. I guarantee it.

[A friendly reminder] As you might already know, to have this mod run smoothly, you’ll definitely need a good graphic card and should carefully configure the mod after it has been installed. Besides, this mod is kind of like a shader pack, so it requires GLSL Shader Mod to work properly, just like many others. Make sure you’ve already installed GLSL Shader before downloading it and enjoy the mod!

MrMeep_x3’s Shaders Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Lens Flare added (taken from Chocapic13’s v5)
  • New Godrays
  • Sunglow is now optional in composite1.fsh
  • Fixed Godrays Visibility on FOVs higher than Normal
  • Fixed Motionblur
  • Edited Shadows
  • Edited Torchlight
  • Edited Water
  • Smoother Waving Objects
  • Stronger Sunlight, making v05 even more similar to v04 and older
  • Better Sky Colors, no longer washed out
  • Texture Pack water in Medium and Lite Variants

How to download MrMeep_x3’s Shaders Mod?

  • Download and install GLSL Shaders
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install Optifine HD
  • Download MrMeep_x3’s Shaders
  • The .zip file that you download is in proper shaderpack format. Copy the .zip file to your.minecraft/shaderpacks folder.
  • Select the shaderpack you installed from the Options > Shaders menu in Minecraft.

Download links:

For Minecraft 1.10.x/1.9.x/1.8.x/1.7.x




Link download MrMeep_x3’s Shaders Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8/1.7.10