Obsidian Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10 gives you the chance to utilize the sparkly or the dark rocks, joining water with magma for more ease of use by making the Nether gateways. This Mod will give you some new weapons, similar to swords, pickaxe, scoop and tool, additionally a magnificent purple-dark shield. Who doesn’t enjoy the dark power with a mysterious purple color ? Obsidian Utilities Mod 4

One incredible element of the Obsidian Utilities Mod is that every one of the things are purple-dark shading, they resemble the obsidian in Minecraft world. You can noticed the blocks into obsidian ingots, and after you can utilize them like the ordinary ingots. The thing is : this sort of covering endures the length of jewel apparatus, yet since obsidian is such a great amount of less demanding to discover, now, you can spare your precious stones for more imperative employments. For instance, you should discover three precious stones first so now, you can really mine the obsidian, however that is such a great amount of superior to anything burrowing 24 jewels to make a full arrangement of great amor. The swords and different things, in any case, don’t keep going the length of jewel assortments, so we recommend you all future better off utilizing your obsidian to make defensive layer as opposed to devices.Obsidian Utilities Mod 1Obsidian Utilities Mod 2

The Obsidian Utilities Mod won’t include whatever else into Minecraft, yet this mod is ideal for the players that adoration the Hardcore mode.

Obsidian Utilities Mod 3


.Download and install the Forge AP.

.Download the mod and move the files into %appdata%\.minecraft\mods

.You’re ready to play

Credit to: MinecraftForum

Link download Obsidian Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10