Have you ever get bored of digging holes, mining coal and chopping wood repeatedly? It’s for sure that you have got at least once, because all good things get boring after a while. That’s why the OpenComputers Mod was “born”. This mod is a new, fully-improved creation to Minecraft world so that it can bring life and fun back to your Minecraft gameplay. With the OpenComputers Mod, you can craft and program computers in your own Minecraft world by executing LUA programs.

OpenComputers Mod 1


The OpenComputers Mod is designed to fit well with survival gameplay, and is played best in combination with other mods, which allows automating ore processing, and ideally crafting to some extent! There are a lot of components in the mod that can be used to extend computers, such as motion sensors, holograms and also little robots. Mini-computers in the mod are created to dig out whole mines, or chop up a whole forest worth of wood, with just a few lines of code. As you may see, the OpenComputers Mod is not as easy as some other mods to get access, because it requires players need to get a volume of technical knowledge to understand some programming to make it work.



The OpenComputers Mod helps you easily connect and interact with the outside Minecraft world as well as other players. Robots can interact with the world almost like a real player can do. They can equip most tools, blocks or other items and can be programmed to use them in every way you want them to. Brilliantly, you can program them to sort your inventory, go mining for your resources, have them build a fortress for you or make them sing and dance for your entertainment. Let your imagination fly high in Minecraft world!

OpenComputers Mod for Minecraft 1.10 and 1.9.4 Changelogs

  • Fixed: Client error while joining the server when running newer versions of Forge.
  • Fixed: Potential crash in robot update.

How to install OpenComputers Mod?

  1. Download the Minecraft Forge and install it!
  2. Download the mod!
  3. Open up the Start Button
  4. Type in %appdata% then looks for the Roaming folder then find the .minecraft folder.
  5. Place the mod into the “mods” folder! (if you do not have one, make one or just launch the Minecraft once with Forge).
  6. Have fun!

Credit: Sangar – Original Thread on MinecraftForum

Link download OpenComputers Mod for Minecraft 1.10/1.9.4