Power Tools Mod will bring you to shaft and get your jobs done faster with its tools. This mode adds in drills, a jackhammer, and chainsaw. Emerald and Obsidian Sets are Legendary Tools which include armor. Beside that, Vanilla Minecraft Tools are also upgraded in this version.

Power Tools Mod for Minecraft

Power Tools Mod for Minecraft p1

Power Tools Mod for Minecraft p2

Power Tools Mod for Minecraft p3

Changelogs of Power Tools Mod:

  • Fixed enchantment effects for drills.
  • Reduced occurrence of phantom blocks due to client.
  • Added oil refinery to creative tab.
  • Fixed a bug with oil detection for bare hands.

Power Tools Mod  for Minecraft 1.6.4’s Features:

  • The jackhammer breaks hard blocks quickly.
  • Adds and oil item used as fuel for the tools.
  • Oil can be crafted directly, or created automatically using a refinery block.
  • Drills, Jackhammer, Chainsaw.
  • Upgradable Tools, Emerald and Obsidian Sets.

 Installation guide for Power Tools Mod:

  • Download ModLoader
  • Download the latest version of the Power Tools Mod.
  • Open the Minecraft.jar folder.
  • Delete the meta inf folder.
  • Drag in the ModLoader files.
  • Drag in the Power Tools Mod files.
  • Enjoy the features of this amazing Power Tools Mod.

Link download Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

for Minecraft 1.6.4