Starting Inventory Mod enables players to begin a brand new globe with almost anything they want, in whichever amount they want being within their stock. This mod provides gear products, and building blocks – virtually whatever you need, if you begin a new planet. It generally does not function if you should be currently enjoying in a global that has been already performed on before, and establishing the mod to obtain the things you would like is not fairly difficult to do.

Starting Inventory Mod for Minecraft-1


The coolest fact you may expect is that the Starting Inventory Mod allows you to add in all the items you want for your new game world and it does help take the experience to new heights. If you want to edit a TXT file and have lots of items added in, then you are bound to love this mode.



This mod works for additional sport settings, however, you should do this to modify that text document and obtain the beginning products when creating your Success or Hardcore sides you would like. Utilizing the style inventory that is innovative, include whichever products you wish to spawn with for your inventory. Shield slots are overlooked, so you simply obtain the 36 stock areas that were organic to work well with. Once you have the Starting Inventory Mod installed, a new globe will be created on your own!

Starting Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Removed dropbox URLs.
  • Fix mod items not being added.
  • Fix items not being added after giving items the first time.
  • Removed empty inventory requirement.
  • Proper bspkrsCore version dependency.
  • Added support for Items with NBT tags.

Credit: Minecraft Forum

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