Exploring the world of Minecraft can get tiring sometimes because, you know, the world is huge as hell and you’re slow as hell. Well you do have means of transportation for this kind of problem, but none of them work that well (except for Ender pearls, but they hurt, a lot). Luckily, a cool dude called gegy1000 decided to do something about this.

Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 1

Teleportation Mod. The mod grants access to many new ways to teleport (about half a dozen ways, I believe). Remember, every way is slightly different from others. There are ‘blink’ items, which allow you to teleport to a targeted location with a single click. Most of these items require the teleportation ore as a material, which can also be used to create portals.

Then there is the Warp Wand, which sets a destination point upon cast, then return the player to this destination point when casted again; Portal Wand that generates portals or teleport the player to the nearest portal. There is also a less painful version of the Ender Pearl called the Jump Wand. You can even teleport mobs to your desired location using Teleportation Bows & Arrows. Minecraft has never been this futuristic: so fast, so accurate, so… Protoss.

Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 2

Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 3


Teleportation Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: gegy1000 | Minecraft Forum

Link download Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10