Thaumcraft Mod is another mod most suitable for players who want magic instead of pickaxes. But unlike Witchery where no wand is needed, in this mod you will perform thaumaturgy using a magic wand and instructions from a spellbook called Thaumanomicon. With the power provided by these two items you can do all sorts of awesome stuffs with all physical objects around you, from filling a pond with water to taking down an entire forest with one click.

ThaumCraft Mod for Minecraft 1

Starting out is fairly simple: get yourself a magic wand. But there will be no Ollivander’s or Gregorovitch’s for you to shop at; and you will have to make a wand yourself (it’s not that hard at all, fortunately.) The first wand you can lay hands onto is the Iron Capped Wooden Wand, crafted using a stick and iron nuggets (watch the image below).

Thaumcraft mod for Minecraft 2

After you are done with the wand, proceed to build a bookshelf, then right-click it with your wand. The Thaumanomicon will spawn. Research the spellbook carefully, as it contains detailed guides on how to perform every single spell and craft every item in the mod. Just follow the instructions and enjoy new recipes, new actions and such.


1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed on your PC.
2. Download the mod using one of the links below.
3. Place the downloaded .jar file into your Mods Directory.
4. Profit.

Credit: Azanor | Minecraft Forum

Link download Thaumcraft mod for MineCraft 1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10