The RC Mod is basically an advanced remote control vehicle modification for the game Minecraft. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? With the RC Mod, players will have the ability to make and control: “Remote Controlled hardware”, for example, planes, fast watercrafts, and even race autos. There are even various new physics modeling included, which allows for more realistic and extensive interactions between the vehicles and the world surrounding them.

The RC Mod-1




The RC Mod both works in single player and multiplayer realms, and it has come a long way from it demo days, when the mod was full of bugs. Now that the majority of matters have been moved out, players can race cars or other vehicles, as well as even enormous planes. There is no doubt that the RC Mod presents a remarkable, engrossing and gameplay improving peculiarity in which will either make you chuckle, or basically grin at the radiant extend at the same time. Download right now and have fun!

The RC Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • New overlay system.
  • New physics modelling.
  • Integrated jBullet (Bullet physics) which provides a collision detection and response system.

Credit: Skerp – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

Link download The RC Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10