Ah, World Handler Mod. ‘It’s a Graphical User Interface, or GUI for short, that allows players to add complex command-data to the game, thus being able to change the very core gameplay and create new maps, as well as seeing map infos…’ NO, this sounds all too hardcore. The best thing we should know about World Handler is that it’s not as hardcore as it sounds at all. It’s oddly amateur-friendly, as it helps you do all the stuffs above even when you have absolutely NO technical or java knowledge.

World Handle Mod for Minecraft 1

Okay, how is that even possible? Let me tell you the truth: you’re not actually adding commands at all. All you have to do is a few clicks, and the mod handles the commands for you. In other words, World Handler is a powerful GUI that simplifies the vanilla functionalities of commands.

World Handler Mod for Minecraft 2

Featured Commands:

Client Commands

Custom Potions
● Lingering, Splash, Bottle
● Amplifier, Duration, Ambient, Particles

Custom Items
● Custom Name (Color Coded), Lore, Enchantments, Attributes

Colored Item Names and Mob Names

Block Editors
● Sign Editor, Noteblock Editor

Block Placement
● Crafting Table, Enchantment Table, Anvil, Ender Chest, Command Block

Server Commands
/save-on & /save-off


Installer: just download, follow the instruction and #profit.
1. Download the map using the link below.
2. Copy + Paste the .jar file into your Mods directory.
3. Open Minecraft Launcher.
4. Edit your profile.
5. Select Forge as your version.
6. #profit !!!


Installer: World Handler Installer 1.8-2.7
Manual: World Handler 1.8-2.7

Source: Exopandora | Minecraft Forum

Link download World Handler Mod for Minecraft 1.8