If you’re a fan of worldedit in minecraft,then you’ll be exiting about WorldEditCUI mod. It will make your own design become more realistic and faster with it function. WorldEditCUI mod will give you a lot of massive features and command. It give us a special interface for the Worldedit plugin allowing us to see our selected region in-game and realtime. The mod let us working more quickly, allow us to craft, built, flatten faster than using the basic Worldedit, or even copy. It is useful when working with Polygon, Cynlinder, and Convex Hull selection in order of our editing.

WorldEditCUI 1

Beside, if you don’t have much experiences in using Worldedit, then this might make everything become more conflict. WorldEditCUI mod is one step forward of the basic Worldedit, it is not something to start with. You should playing around with the basic Worldedit first to get use to it basic function, then you can start with WorldEditCUI mod.

WorldEditCUI 2

One more information and not less important, WorldEditCUI mod is designed for Liteloader, Forge and other loaderTweark will not fit with it. But you can switch back to Forge when you done editing with WorldEditCUI and Liteloader.

How to install ?

  • Download and install Liteloader for your version of Minecraft
  • Download the latest version of WorldEditCUI and copy to your mods folder.

Download the WorldEditCUI mod:

WorldEditCUI 1.7.10

WorldEditCUI 1.8

WorldEditCUI 1.8.9

Credit :

Thanks to Minecraftsix.com and Mod-minecraft.com

Link download WorldEditCUI Mod 1.7.10/1.8/1.8.9